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About Us

building your team is our full time job

Accolo was founded upon a simple premise : there had to be a better way to connect the two people who matter the most in the recruit to hire process – the hiring manager and the candidate. Based on our collective experience including thousands of job launches and successful hires as recruiters, hiring managers and even as candidates, we were amazed there was no material improvement in the process, experience or the results of recruiting and hiring.

We did experience some incremental improvement with internet job boards, web-based applicant tracking systems, job aggregation sites, social networks and other incremental solutions, but there wasn’t anything out there that combined all of these.

We identified a need for a unified and streamlined platform to identify, recruit and hire your most critical asset, high performing employees – thus the Accolo recruiting revolution had begun.

What drives Accolo?


Results for every Accolo supported job are measured by hiring performance metrics including reduced recruiting cost ratio, compressed time-to-start cycle time and increased candidate quality to improve efficiency and quality of every future hire.

Your satisfaction is more than a once-a-year survey. For Accolo, customer satisfaction is measured one job at a time with direct feedback from both the hiring manager and candidate. We deliver hiring manager satisfaction that is twice as high as the industry average, with over 88% of hiring managers describing their experience with us as good or great. Awards are nice, but this is what makes us most proud – your ‘hire’ success.

We also take candidate satisfaction very seriously and have developed our Candidate Bill of Rights for that very reason. It’s our fundamental belief that all candidates must be treated with courtesy and respect. Oddly enough but true – we even receive emails from candidates that were not hired, thanking us for our professionalism and respectful communications.

One solution does not fit all so we developed our hiring performance solutions in a modular manner to fit your business needs for today and tomorrow. You can outsource your entire recruiting function to us – or simply start by increasing the productivity of your internal recruiting function by leveraging our hiring performance platform, which includes access to our certified hiring consultants to scale your recruiting capacity on demand. Accolo provides the process, people and platform to increase your hiring performance.

Simply stated, Accolo has a solution that fits your hiring performance needs!