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The Accolo Manifesto

the relentless pursuit of connecting the two people who matter

Accolo is about the relentless pursuit of connecting the two people that matter; the hiring manager and the person who is the perfect fit for the job.

It’s no secret that hiring the right person for each role can positively impact a company’s ability to execute its mission, reach its milestones and ultimately increase shareholder value. A well crafted and implemented hiring program also impacts the company’s brand. By giving everyone who applies a fair shot at being considered for each job and getting back to each applicant regardless of the outcome, the person applying for the job is respected and, in turn, is more likely to think positively about the company. After all, each applicant may also be a consumer, shareholder, referral source, future hire, employee of a supplier, your brother, sister, cousin, mother (you get the idea) or someone else you care about. It’s just us! We are enthusiastically committed to removing the barriers between these two people.

We envision a time when everyone who wants a job can find one, and the person with the opening can fill it with minimal distraction. Imagine the impact of cutting national unemployment by 30% to 50% just by eliminating this noise between the opening and the ideally suited person. Further imagine that each and every person is treated fairly and with respect.

We also recognize that we are part of a greater whole. Giving back to our local, national and global community is a core part of Accolo’s DNA. We have a choice, each of us, about what we wish to accomplish during the brief time we are on this little blue planet. Those of us at Accolo have chosen to make a collective impact that’s greater than our standing by helping companies and people doing positive things for their communities and future generations. We routinely do pro-bono work for non-profit companies and actively seek out companies making a positive multi-generational impact. For example, we LOVE helping sustainable energy related companies out-hire anything that might get in their way. Imagine a world for our great grandchildren that is free from the shackles of oil dependence.

Kindness, consideration, a dash of humor and a more thoughtful approach to how we are in the world makes it possible for us to make a bigger impact. We also have more fun!


Create an impact with Accolo!