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The greatest gift you can give this holiday season is the gift of a job.

Accolo Santa's List$99 Tablet PCs and Flatscreens are nice,
but here’s a Black Friday deal that goes
way beyond cheap electronics.

We’re feeling the spirit of the season knowing that the most cherished gift you can give is a new job to one of the over 30 Million Americans open to new job opportunities. The numbers are shocking, especially when you think of all that these people are dealing with over this holiday season:

1) 9 percent unemployment
2) 13.9 Million unemployed, and
3) another 11.8 million under-employed Americans

As the innovators of Cloud Recruiting®, every day we are moved by individuals, real people, who have been impacted by economic issues. So we established our corporate goal to reduce under-employment and unemployment by 10% and you can be a big part of that by giving someone the gift of a job with Accolo… for free.

It’s really simple, utilize either our Symphony or Duet
Cloud Recruiting solution to hire any open position
and you can make a second similar hire for free.

In fact, if you have more than one position that you need filled, Accolo will extend this offer for up to five different jobs that need to be supported prior to the end of the holiday season, December 31, 2011.

That’s up to 10 hires, with 5 made absolutely free. If you need to fill any open positions and share our goal to help put America to Work, simply fill in the form below and you’re well on your way to a hire level of recruiting and giving someone the greatest gift you can this year – a job…

accolo present



Happy holidays
& even happier hiring!