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Webinar : Employment Screening, beware and be aware

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Avoid common pitfalls when screening future employees & learn the latest trends.

Watch the video on Employment Screening and learn:

  • Be aware (beware?) of the latest legal issues facing employers with regards to using background checks in the hiring process. Get the update on: EEOC regulations, and recent and pending state and federal legislation affecting the industry; Use of credit reports and industry trends; Use of social media in the screening process
  • Maximize the value of your screening program in this economy: Understand what services provide the most value for your budget; Understand the value of a tiered screening program that takes into account job class and position when screening candidates
  • Ensure you adequately and accurately report the value of your screening program to the Executive team: Reporting and metrics that provide insight into the value of the program; How to determine the ROI on your screening program and to communicate it effectively

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