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How to Fire a Toxic Employee

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Define toxic behaviors and their effects, discuss common fears and legal implications, and learn the 11 steps to effective management and firing of a toxic employee.

Learn how to fire toxic employees to protect your business environment

Just as kryptonite saps Superman of all his superpowers, a “toxic employee” can sap the energy right out of your company. This toxic employee – true to the name – can poison the business atmosphere where you work, and can make it difficult, if not impossible, to manage effectively. The toxicity is insidious, and can drag you, your staff and co-workers into an abyss of low morale and decreased productivity. But there is hope…
Toxic Employees by Dr. Robert K. Bitting

Watch this free live webinar in order to:

  • Define toxic behaviors and their effects
  • Discuss common fears and legal implications
  • Learn the 11 steps to effective management and firing of a toxic employee
  • Review resources available to help you

Let’s get to know each other a bit, then sit back and enjoy the show…

Guest Experts :

T.J. Van Voorhees, Pacific Crest Group, Co-Founder and General Partner

T.J. is one of Pacific Crest Group’s two co-founders, and leads their business consulting and CFO Services. He brings two decades of strategic planning, information technology, and business experience to PCG’s clients. T.J. provides comprehensive and clearly defined plans that focus on measurable results. He meets regularly with the Boards of Directors for a number of surgery centers in the San Francisco Bay Area as a business and financial advisor.

He is also active as the CEO of McKendree’s, Inc.; the CFO of Marin Ophthalmic Consultants, Inc.; the Board Chair of Stickney & Co, Inc.; the Board Chair and President of WPIA; and a member of the Finance Committee for the West Point Inn Association. Previously, he developed the infrastructure to provide Internet connectivity to a number of school districts and governmental organizations in Kansas. T.J. holds a B.S. in Applied Science and Business from University of San Francisco, and a B.S. in Geography from University of Nevada, Reno.

John Younger, Founder and CEO of Accolo

For over 23 years, John’s passion to dramatically improve how people and jobs find each other has drawn upon his deep understanding of technology, the recruitment process and a core belief that everyone deserves courtesy and respect. This idea is central to Accolo’s vision, methods, and communications which John founded in 2000.

Applauded for his ability to accurately predict trends in the industry and deliver engaging presentations, he has been asked to speak at events in the United States, Australia, Belgium and United Kingdom. Some of these venues and organizations include Kennedy Events, OnRec, Entrepreneurs Organization, Net Impact, Torchiana, Experience Unlimited and Northern California Human Resource Association.

‘In a previous life’, John was the Vice President of Human Resources for Bank of America for an organization of 16,000 people. John earned a degree from Notre Dame in Mathematics and Computer Science and is a former member of the Unites States National (Olympic) Rowing Team.

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