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Round 2: a Deeper Look at the DNA of a Great Sales Person

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Learn how to refine your sales team and hire A players… time and time again!

SalesPerson DNA

With our recent webinar this month on “The DNA of a Great Sales Person” we received lots of kudos and requests for a follow-up session to continue the learning. You asked for it and here it is!

Join us along with Chris Lundine from CultureIndex for a more in-depth look at how to assess your sales team and pick stellar sales players time and time again! In this webinar we also discuss multiple case studies; the companies’ sales organization challenges, approaches and results.

The DNA of a Great Sales Person Part 2 Webinar includes…

  • Define what separates the A players from the rest
  • Learn about the leading assessment tools
  • Learn how to systematically identify A players
  • Hear how other sales organizations have transformed their results
  • Create your game plan for moving forward

Let’s get to know each other a bit, then sit back and enjoy the show…

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