6 Companies to Copy for Your Social Recruiting


Even though we’re told not to copy from our first day in school, “borrowing” from the best is how most companies come into existence and it’s how all companies stay in business.

If we didn’t borrow ideas from the competition, then Motorola would still be the only company making cell phones and A&W would be the only fast food choice available to you in this country.

Best-in-class companies set the precedent for what it means to be on the cutting edge. What this means for everyone else, is that if your brand isn’t on-par with the major players, you will be viewed as a knock-off instead of a perfectly acceptable alternative.

If you want to compete for the best talent in your industry, then you need to have a social media presence that will impress and engage top candidates. While you may not have the resources of some of these companies, you can still learn from their excellent use of social and use it to your advantage.

If you can create profiles for your company that are on-par with industry leaders, then you can attract the interest of top talent. All that’s left for them to do is fall in love with your awesome social presence and apply to your company!

General Mills

General Mills, the company responsible for your balanced breakfast, is active on a variety of social channels and has the sort of social presence that you want for your company.

Along with a dedicated careers page on Facebook, LinkedIn and their Website, General Mills takes their social presence to the next level by having a careers channel on Youtube as well.

Their dedicated careers  Youtube channel features General Mills employees talking about the company’s culture and the impact that new hires are encouraged to make in their new job. Along with these inspirational employee stories, there are other videos providing information on specific careers at General Mills like marketing and manufacturing.

What to Copy:

  • Having a dedicated careers page on social media is great, but having a dedicated careers page on several social platform is even better.
  • Providing a variety of content (like video) is a great way to catch the eye of job seekers while giving them information on your company.


Accenture is one of the world’s leading management consulting, technology services and outsourcing companies, and provides these services to clients in over 120 countries.

Even if you aren’t sure what all of that means, I’ll bet you’ll fall in love with this company’s social presence. Upon visiting Accenture’s Facebook Careers page, you will see pictures of employees as well as articles that promote an inclusive, diverse atmosphere.

As a global company, Accenture needs to present an inclusive image to the world in order to perform well in foreign markets and attract talent from around the world. Fortunately, this is the exact sort of message that this company’s social media presence is sending out. No matter where you’re from or what you do, browsing this careers page is sure to make you want to work for this company.

What to Copy:

  • Always remember the target audience you’re trying to reach with your social recruiting.
  • Never post anything that has the potential to be divisive or the potential to blow up in your face.

The Home Depot

Home Depot is a company with a particularly bright, fun social media presence. Besides making heavy use of their store’s color (traffic cone orange) the Home Depot’s social media presence is chock full of interesting content and engaging calls to action.

When you visit the general Home Depot Careers Page, the first things you see are a wide variety of happy employees, their stories, and buttons for exploring the company’s profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This social integration is great, but what’s really great are the events and contests that they promote on their social profiles.

Until September 9th, the Home Depot is putting on a contest for employees and customers alike that asks them to envision themselves in a job at the home depot and use Emojis to tell that story. The contest is as follows:

It’s simple: Using only the emojis, show us how you picture yourself in a career at The Home Depot. Frame it up and share your vision with friends using the #THDStories hashtag. Need some inspiration? Visit the Our Stories video gallery on our careers website. Already inspired? Apply for an opportunity today!

There’s no doubt that the use of emojis appeals to Gen Y employees, but the most interesting and effective aspect of this contest is that it asks participants to think about a job at Home Depot in a fun way. This certainly helps to present a positive employer brand, but it also asks potential employees to picture themselves working for this company, which is completely genius.

What to Copy:

  • Holding fun contests is a great way to generate candidate interest and present your company in a fun, creative light.
  • Always integrate your company’s careers page with your company’s social media profiles.


If you don’t know the Walt Disney Company, there’s a good chance that you’ve been living in a bunker or you’re an alien from another planet.

One of the oldest production companies in existence, Disney is a household name no matter where you’re from and its movies have inspired generations of kids and adults alike.

Because this company has such an active and dedicated fan base, Disney’s social recruiting strategy utilizes the brand’s beloved characters along with the stories of their employees. Disney’s Facebook Careers Page does a great job of balancing fan-bait content with the stories of their employees, a truly winning combination for attracting the interest of candidates on social.

What to Copy:

  • Appeal to fans of your brand on your social profiles.
  • Use this brand appeal to entice pros in your industry.


Tesla Motors, Inc. is an American automotive and energy storage company that designs, manufactures, and sells high end electric cars, electric vehicle powertrain components, and battery products.

Besides the draw of working for one of the only successful electric car companies in existence, the company has a celebrity CEO, Elon Musk, and this company’s social recruiting relies on these attractors to garner interest with the next generation of innovators.

Tesla’s brand and success is all based on continuous, drastic innovation. In order to secure the talent that this company needs to keep innovating, they have an intensive internship program called Tesla Students. The Tesla Students page features pictures of interns, their stories and the high-tech equipment that is such a draw to technically minded. Any aspiring engineer who finds this page is sure to fall in love with the variety of prestigious projects that interns at this company get to tackle.

What to Copy:

  • Feature content that will engage the minds of pros in your industry.
  • Appeal to the next generation of talent if they will be crucial for your company’s continued success.



When you visit the Marriot’s Facebook Careers Page, the first thing that you see are the fun, smiling faces of Marriot employees. All in all, perusing this company’s social page gives one the impression that working for this company isn’t like working for just another hotel.

Because the hospitality industry experiences some of the highest turnover rates of any industry, featuring inspiring videos of employees helps to present the Marriott employer brand as more caring and familial than other hotel chains. Additionally, by featuring exciting job opportunities around the world (executive chef position in the UK sound nice?) Marriot gives their brand more prestige for job seekers than your run-of-the-mill hotel chain.

Over all, this company is great at showing off the human touches that makes their hotels a great place for hard working, career-minded individuals.

What to Copy

  • Always show the friendlier side of your company.
  • Know the impressions your brand is fighting against and use social to set the record straight.

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