A Hopeful Workplace is a Productive Workplace


When you’ve worked with chronic negative types — the ones who open the flood gates on you about their problems or have the temperament of Medusa before their third cup of coffee — then you know how nice it is to work with people who are, well, positive.

In his new book Making Hope Happen, Shane Lopez explores how employees who keep their eyes on the prize outperform their miserable counterparts across the board. Beyond the fact that hopeful and positive employees are more pleasant to work with, Lopez has identified several ways in which hopefulness correlates to increased productivity.

According to him, workers who reportedly had a hopeful outlook actually came in to work more days of the year and were more likely to be actively engaged with the work day. The article doesn’t really go in to what exactly makes a person “hopeful”, but this quality is easier to see than describe. Ambition + Vision + Positivity = Hope.

Not only will hiring with these qualities in mind help create a friendlier workplace, but a more productive one as well. To check out Lopez’s work, click the link below.

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