Accolo Ahead of Industry for 2013 Hiring Metrics


At Accolo, we’ve always thought ourselves to be on the right track to innovation within the RPO industry. Bringing you a better hire faster and for cheaper has always been the name of the game; but our eyes have are always on the horizon, towards the future of hiring. What I mean by this is that Accolo, buy virtue of our innovation, already delivers the hiring metrics that Recruiter.com says will be crucial to have in 2013.

So what are these metrics? I’ll break it down for you like this:

Hire Precision: This means that we provide you with an exhaustive list of which channels were used to get the best candidates for your needs. This correlates to the #1 metric of 2013 which is “Source of Hire”. With the sourcing information that we provide, you can see which method (referrals, social networks, Monster, etc.) is getting you the best results.

Hire Efficiency: Cost is always a big issue in business and an even bigger one in the uncertain years ahead. Metrics of cost (such as cost per hire) are going to be important in 2013 and are a feature that Accolo has provided its clients for some time.

Hire Technology: One of the greatest advantages of using Accolo is our emphasis on utilization of employee referrals. In many cases, the people that already work for you can be your biggest ally in getting empty positions filled quickly with quality hires. This key metric for 2013 is already offered through Accolo and is one of the fastest growing resources in the recruiting world.

Hire Performance: The next metric for next year is quality of hire. Making the best hire possible has always been our priority for our clients. The stats on how good of a fit we’ve provided for previous clients is available in our completed jobs database and our success rate puts us up there with large scale industry leaders.

Hire Intelligence: The last metric for 2013 is leveraging a “Talent Pipeline” or a large pool of quality candidates that can be picked up relatively quickly. Accolo is an innovator in Elevated RPO Technology which will give you access not only to our Hiring Knowledge Database, but also to one of the largest candidate pools out there. By utilizing a variety of strategies from traditional recruiting to job boards to social media, Accolo brings a torrent of applicants your way and refines the stream to only a handful of highly qualified individuals for your interviewing pleasure.

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