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Beerware, AB Inbev Continues to Gobble Beloved Beverages

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 2:27 pm - by Everest
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Those of you that drink Budweiser probably know that the company was absorbed by AB Inbev in a 52 Billion buyout. Many consumers like Brian Rinfret, the avid Becks drinker interviewed in the Bloomberg Businessweek article, say they taste a difference in their favorite brands after they’ve been gulped down by AB Inbev. Sales are down in the United States but their profits continue to climb. Can messing with the recipe be a successful business model? Apparently so. And this company is still seeking acquisitions of other Iconic brands, most famously, Pepsi Co. The man behind this fizzy drinks conglomerate: Carlos Brito, the enigmatic brazilian CEO bent on beverage domination. Read the full article “The Plot to Destroy America’s Beer” to get the scoop.

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