Best Business Jobs of 2013


What is a business job? Does it involve lots of long stares, firm handshakes and shark-like cunning? Is it a title so generic that it leaves you baffled and in need of a lot more information? If someone offered it to you as their career at a party, you certainly wouldn’t have a very clear idea of what they did.

Well, in case this happens to you, here’s Best Jobs of 2013: Business Occupations from Wanted Analytics. 

These positions were ranked by their level of demand as well as other factors such as job satisfaction and pay. For all you recruiters out there, this article has quite the scoop on which cities are booming with business jobs and which are bust.

By far the most in demand business job of the year was “Market Research Analyst.” The rise in demand for these professionals resulted in a 28% increase in the number of ads posted, up to 25,500. Those attempting to recruit Market Research Analysts will find Rodchester New York to be one of the easiest areas in which to fill these positions.


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