Big Data Nails Complex Attributes of Successful Employees


Big Data, aka the record of everything everyone does, has become integral to companies such as call centers for tracking the characteristics of their best employees. Through analysis of these metrics, the company can save on both time and money by eliminating guesswork and making hiring a process governed more by numbers than subjective methods.

According to an article from the New York Times, this new approach to hiring is called “workforce science” and it has already challenged several conceptions on hiring that have held true under conventional wisdom for some time. For instance, workforce science studies have called into doubt the avoidance of candidates who have either switched jobs frequently or been unemployed for some time.

Apparently the numbers say that this just not as relevant to work performance and retention as some think it is. Though data analysis is still focused on positions that are easy to quantify, the findings that Big Data are producing may likely become more important than gut feelings on a hire in more and more industries. To read the article from the New York Times, Click the link below.

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