Biggest HR Blunders of 2013


What will you remember 2013 for? Will it be the for the big things like the government shut down or the complete 180 by The Pope on social issues?

Will it be for the little things like the year when you wasted the most time on Snapchat and Candy Crush?

Well, for the HR professionals involved in the “Top HR Fails of 2013,” then you probably remember this year as the year that you wan to forget.

One of the highest profile and influential HR bungles of the past year was actually perpetrated by Fox Search Light when they failed to structure the work of their unpaid interns to government code. Interns on the set of “Black Swan” were doing menial tasks such as sweeping and taking out the trash, which other employees were paid to do. Though the actual incident didn’t take place this year, the case was held in court this year.

Unsurprisingly, Fox lost.

This event has essentially eliminated any inkling for the business world that internships are a way for companies to get free labor from undergrads.

To read about the social media team that live tweeted their firing experience to the company feed, check out the INC article.


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