Can Hiring Be Simple?

Upon joining Accolo last year, I felt I was walking into something a little scary and at the same time exhilarating, and as I’ve told many people over the years those are the two necessary ingredients when starting any new job.

The importance is always in the percentages of the two. While explaining the focus of the job to friends it seemed simple, but truthfully it was more than a little daunting to see where you I wanted to go, to know where we were at, and knowing that I had to find out how to get there.

I’ve had the same experience throughout my career when hiring employees and knowing that no matter where you start there is always a good deal of time, molding and, development necessary in order to get as close as possible to that ideal of a perfect employee. I was reminded of this when reading a post recently titled The Massive Complexity of Simplicity, it made me realize that for one piece of the complexity of hiring, I’m now part of something that helps to simplify it a bit.

I remember for every position I’ve hired I was in one of two boats, the sinking boat with an overflowing supply of resumes that had little or no screening and I had to dig out the right candidates. And the other boat was lonely, just me and a couple of candidates that weren’t quite right, but I was so desperate for help that I was happy to have them. It’s refreshing now to know there is another alternative, and no matter how easy or hard the boat ride, there are other people onboard to help. This in and of itself doesn’t create greater simplicity, but the added fact that these people take away many of the monotonous and painful steps in the hiring process starts to break away at the complexity by only providing qualified and screened candidates.

This is the simplistic analogy of what Accolo does, and luckily as the Director of Marketing it ties to our core mission of making the hiring process better for everyone. Our new webiste has that same goal in mind, there are nuggets of information about hiring and other topics for everyone: hiring managers, executives, and job seekers. These nuggets of info will continue to come out on a regular basis and we’ll try to keep them balanced with the right mix of intellect and humor so you can learn something and stay awake. Because after all, simplicity can be simple sometimes.


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