Can Over-Hiring Help in the Long Run?


In today’s economy, businesses are sitting tight when it comes to hiring. Though the unemployment rate has been falling steadily, reaching as low as 3.1% in North Dakota, most businesses are still hesitant to increase the size of their staff. As I’ve postulated many times on this blog before, this widespread hiring freeze has just as much to do with the overblown expectations of hiring managers as it does with the actual state of the labor force in the United States.

Well, today’s source article draws the opposite conclusion about this strategy of soldiering on with the people that you’ve got. In “Bring in the Reserves: an Argument for Over Hiring”, Gail Tolstoi-Miller suggests that, under certain circumstances, hiring more staff than you need is actually the most prudent way forward. The example she used was being approached by top talent some time after all of your staffing needs have been met. While you may not be able to create a position for this person, or even have much work for them to do, onboarding a truly talented employee can be a much better choice than letting them go. To be sure, this is not always the right choice. Some companies don’t have the resources to have even one temporary redundancy. By examining several factors at your company (such as turnover) you can see if there is room to spare for an exceptional individual, should they happen to come along. To find out what gives a company wiggle room for over-hiring, follow the link below.

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