Can’t Get No (HIRING MANAGER) Satisfaction


Satisfaction can be hard to come by. While many products claim to be satisfying, satisfaction isn’t as easy as eating delicious chocolate or buying a sweet set of sneakers. These things might make you very happy for a few minutes or even a few months, but, eventually, the satisfaction you thought you had, turns out to be mere happiness.

Happiness is great and all, but happiness isn’t the same thing as satisfaction.

For example, you might be very happy to hire someone with a great resume and high five everyone for a job well done, but you might not be satisfied when this hire quits within 6 months of their start date.

Improving Hiring Manager Satisfaction

Satisfaction is only achievable as the result of a job well done, and, for hiring managers, that job is hiring someone who is great at their job. Unfortunately, you can’t really get this quality of hire data, until they’ve done some time on the job.

According to LinkedIn’s 2016 Global Recruiting Trends Survey, here’s how companies are measuring quality of hire:

  • 50% measure quality of hire with new hire performance evaluation.
  • 49% measure quality of hire with turnover or retention statistics.
  • 43% measure quality of hire with hiring manager satisfaction.

While new hire evaluations and tenure rates are great for measuring how well your hires perform on the job, these stats don’t tell you how effective your company is at hiring. Hiring manager satisfaction, however, can be an excellent indicator of how your company is performing as a talent attractor.

Currently, most “talent pools” are severely depleted in top candidates (the people you want to hire), and these top candidates are hired within their first 10 days of job seeking. Making a hire in 10 days is hard, but things start looking iffy when you consider that 71% of job offers are presented to candidates 3-6 weeks after their first interview. Things look even worse if you’re one of the 62% of hiring decision makers who expect their company’s hiring volume to rise, and especially if you aren’t in the lucky 42% who say their recruitment budget will increase.

I Can’t Get No (HIRING MANAGER) Satisfaction

Hiring managers have always been asked to do more with less, but the “let that guy deal with it” approach has its limits. As the deadlines and guidelines for hiring top talent become more demanding, companies that have always relied on their hiring managers to “figure it out,” or “get it done,” aren’t getting the results they’re used to.

Today, instead of doing more with less, hiring managers without the right resources are chasing candidates that they have no hope of hiring. The game has changed, and hiring managers without the proper support will not be able to make effective hires.

Improved hiring manager satisfaction can only be achieved through improved hiring, so business leaders need to empower hiring managers to meet the demands of today’s job market. At the same time, hiring managers need to do their part and provide a top-notch experience to all of their applicants.

A Satisfying Hiring Experience is Focused and Friendly

Hiring top talent is only possible when hiring managers can connect with top candidates. In order for this to happen, upper management and hiring management need to come together to provide the most focused, friendly hiring experience possible. Anything less will be less than satisfying for everyone involved.

Focused Hiring

If you want your hiring managers to close with top candidates, then your hiring managers need to connect with top talent on an accelerated timeline. If one of your hiring managers identifies top talent and connects with them, there should be nothing standing in their way of making an offer in the second week of interviewing.

If there is something or several somethings in their way, then it’s in your company’s best interest to clear the path. Your company’s hiring strategy needs to be focused on presenting an offer before your competitors beat you to the punch, not getting EVERYONE’s opinion on how “nice” or “great” your top candidates are.

While getting EVERYONE’S opinion on a hire is supposed to ensure that EVERYONE is happy with the hire, over-interviewing and long communication cycles are guaranteed to delay your interviewing.

When your hiring process is delayed, your top choices for the job will drop you like the stale half of a day-old bagel.

You may have a great job to offer, but so do your competitors. Hiring needs to be on an accelerated time line and hiring managers need to get used to making decisions and offers more quickly. Empowering your managers with technology, recruiting resources and company resources will help them to be more effective and improve their levels of job satisfaction.

Friendly Hiring

Once you have streamlined the approval and interview process for your hiring managers, these hiring managers will have the opportunity to connect with top talent. They will only have a few interviews to sell top candidates on your job opportunity, so empowering them to be as friendly and stress-free as possible will go a long way toward their effectiveness.

When a skilled candidate walks into their interview with one of your hiring managers, do you want them to encounter someone who loves their job or someone who is hanging on by a thread? Your hiring managers are the face of your company for your candidates, so it’s in the best interest of your organization for this face to be friendly and worry-free.

The more your hiring managers enjoy their jobs, the more engaged they will be in their job. The more your hiring managers engage in their jobs, the more likely they are to strike off productive conversations with the top candidates in your area.

Friendly hiring managers are more satisfied with their jobs because they get to know more people, and are always getting referrals from the candidates that they befriend. Once a hiring manager is able to network with several talented candidates, they can gain access to high quality referrals for future hiring needs.

According to Steve Klingensmith, a Recruiting Manager quoted in LinkedIn’s 2016 survey:

“Employee referrals are the single most important thing we do in recruiting. It is the number one source of good, quality hires. Unfortunately, most companies treat their referral program like an HR program.

 If you really want to succeed with referrals, you need to treat it like a marketing program. Also, candidates are more likely to listen to their own network and their friends. Our employees are the ones who can most accurately vouch for what it’s like to work here. Employee referrals get us a lot further in the conversation than we otherwise would have. “

Referrals are a top source of hire: starting work faster, performing better and staying at companies for longer than candidates from other sources. Having a focused, friendly approach to hiring built into the way your hiring managers do their jobs will ensure that your company is a lightning rod for talent in your industry.

The role of hiring manager is essential, but it is essential that hiring managers keep up with the times. Hiring needs to be on an accelerated time line and hiring managers need to get used to making decisions and offers more quickly. They also need the resources to do so, and being able to make good hires again will do wonders for their levels of job satisfaction. Working with your managers to create a focused, friendly application experience will help them to be more effective and improve their levels of job satisfaction immensely.


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