China Shows Signs of Slowing in Mad Rush to Development & Infrastructure


China has been the global manufacturing powerhouse of the last decade. While historically the country has been primarily focused on exports, the 2000’s ushered in a new age of domestic investment and infrastructural development.

From dams that offset the rotation of the earth to empty cities (built complete with housing and shopping malls), the Chinese development engine has made the world take notice of the burgeoning super power. Their seemingly implacable steps forward seem to be catching on quality of life issues raised by the Chinese public.

This new York Times article describes an angry protest of a new copper smelting factory that the community welcomed just four years previously. The sudden shift in public mindset suggests the pervasiveness of the so called “build-at-all-costs” mindset of Chinese industry and the public’s resistance to useless infrastructure and environmental degradation. The article also innumerates the ways in which over development is hurting the Chinese economy. To read the full article click the link below:

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