Contests Are Great Ways to Attract College Talent


Recruiting top talent out of MBA programs is becoming more competitive than ever. It’s not uncommon for the most distinguished students to receive employment offers before they’ve even completed their first year. Despite this great demand for fresh talent, the methods that most people are using to recruit them are, well, not so fresh.

If you’re still operating exclusively through the career center and job fairs to recruit college student talent, you’re probably missing out on making connections with many of the future top performers in your industry.

For a more outside the box approach to college recruiting here’s “We’re Getting Results from Our Human Capitol Case Competition,” an article discussing Deloitte’s annual Human Capitol Case Competition held at Vanderbilt University. The competition gives MBA candidates a unique opportunity to showcase their intellect, solving “business problems with human capitol solutions.”

The big headline here is that Deloitte experiences a 95% acceptance rate for the job offers that they give to participants in the competition. While it may not be feasible for your company to sponsor a weekend long competition at an ivy league school, approaching young talent in an engaging way that lets them showcase their skills will get you a lot more than passing out free mouse pads at the career fair.


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