Demand For Nurses Higher than Ever


Do you ever wonder why the expression goes “nursed back to health”, instead of “doctored back to health?” The reason could be that, since the advent of modern medicine, it is the nurse who takes charge of the well being and recovery of patients after the doctors have come and gone.

As anyone who has been in the hospital knows, it is these professionals who provide the attention and care necessary for recovery.

This week is National Nurses Week, a fine time to shed a little light on one of the most respected and in-demand careers in the country. According to an article from ERE.net, nurses are currently the most in-demand professionals in the country, based on the numbers of online job postings. And the demand is projected to grow even further, adding as much as 700,000 job listings for nurses by 2020.

Unfortunately, the country’s capacity to train nurses is still far behind today’s demands, not to mention handling the further needs coming over the next few years. To read the article from ERE.net, click the link below.

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