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Do You Really Need to Meet Your Next Hire in Person?

Friday, November 15, 2013 6:00 am - by Everest
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The effectiveness with which technology has the ability to connect people has revolutionized recruiting over the last decade. Where, in times past, you might actually have to know a candidate or seek them through a registry, all you need now is an internet connection and some patience. Well, that’s not all you need; but the point is that it’s possible to find a highly qualified, personable and passionate candidate for a client without ever actually meeting them. Why then, could we not extend this principal to the hiring process itself? 

It’s the opinion of Kevin Wheeler that the only reason that the entire candidate search, selection and onboarding process still contains such archaic rituals as meeting face to face is that people don’t challenge their assumptions. We assume that candidates want to come in to the office for an interview, but how many of them would actually prefer to do it over Skype or a similar program? Though I think it is a little rash to hire someone without actually ever meeting them in person, it is always healthy to challenge one’s assumptions about… well, everything. If a candidate that you’re going to re-locate from across the country would rather interview via video, why not save them the plane trip? It’s perfectly possible to screen and assess a candidate’s credentials virtually and even get a good look at their temperament. Online promotional videos, assessments and interviews can make the process easier for both you and the candidate. Just consider whether the way you’re doing things is actually any better than the digital alternative.

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