Easy Steps to Candidate Retention


When you’ve zeroed in on a candidate, it can be easy to let your guard down. The person can be professional, engaged and seem hungry for the position, only to back out at the last minute. This isn’t because you’re a bad judge of character or even the situation, but a lot can change very quickly, especially for promising candidates. So how can you cut back on the number of candidate drop outs, flake outs and other mishaps?

Well, according to an article from ERE.net, the main things are to know the candidate, where they’re going and where they’re coming from: inside and out. Don’t talk about the salary that they pull from their previous employer unless you know the specifics. The “how” and the “when” are just as important to the “how much” when it comes to sealing the deal on a promising candidate. Understand what the candidate is looking for:

What they’re really looking for. Find out what their priorities are, and their preferences. Little details like commute time can sometimes sway a candidate more than money ever can. To read the 6 ways to hold on to your best candidates, click the link below.

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