Email Headaches and Micro-Management


Managers have a lot more of an effect on the productivity of their employees than they sometimes realize. A manager’s policies on methods of communication—specifically email and instant messaging—can sometimes hinder the productivity of their employees. For instance, if a manager expects their employees to respond immediately to every new internal email or memo that gets sent out, their attention is divided in a major way.

According to an article from Texas Enterprise, multitasking to such a degree actually leads to less work being done and more errors being made. The article also discusses the effect that micro-management has on employees. Studies have shown that the amount of control that an employee feels that they have is heavily tied into how satisfied they feel at their job, which is one of the largest productivity incentives out there. If a manager’s employees are constantly waiting to be corrected, they will stop being proactive and start being resentful. To read the article on managerial quirks, click the link below.

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