Engineering Woes: The Supposedly Market-Proof Profession Facing Uncertainty


We’ve all heard of “safe jobs”. Most of them tend to be advanced-level craft or skill professions such as doctors, lawyers or engineers. The reason that these jobs are supposedly safe is that there is a clear set of requirements that, if completed, will lead to at least financial stability and at best a very lucrative career.

With the job market being the way that it is, the hefty investment of a college tuition no longer offers this security. Many that graduate with degrees in engineering find themselves without the training for tasks that most businesses are hiring for. The job market for engineers isn’t as impacted as in other industries, but it is displaying more volatility than ever before. Even the guy who successfully landed the Mars Rover is out of a job.

Times are clearly uncertain and there definitely is such a thing as job security, but it is rapidly becoming a scarcer state of being for Americans. From the very start of the search to 10 years in, it’s uncertain. To get some graphs and a more expanded analysis of this job trend click the link below. Read the Full Article


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