Facebook Faces User-Generated PR Nightmare


Monitoring your social media image is important. Little things, such as “liking” strange organizations or funny, distasteful pictures that your friend posted, create a link between you and the offending material. Indeed, it is the very nature of social media that we become associated with people and groups that we don’t know and will probably never know. It’s something to be keenly aware of when you’re looking for a job — your potential employer may be able to see that weird thing you liked…and may not know you did it “ironically”.

Recently, Facebook has faced a great deal of criticism for tacitly facilitating users’ circulating of pictures of and slogans about violence against women. As a result of this content oversight, 15 major companies have dropped Facebook as an advertiser. While the website does screen posts for Anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and Homophobic slurs, there is no such protocol in place to get the distasteful anti-women content down. While there was little Facebook could do to distance themselves from the insensitivity of their users, you have the luxury of choosing who you are connected to within the network. Clearly, the professional world takes social media very seriously, and you should too.

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