Favorite Interview Questions of Real CEOs


Picking the right questions to ask during an interview isn’t as black and white as you might think. There are no “correct” questions to ask during an interview and even conversational engagement with the top candidates in your applicant pool can be very revealing. When candidates are given a question that they didn’t expect, you get to see how they think on their feet.

Will they squirm uncomfortably under the unfamiliar constraints of an open ended question or will they disarm you with some on the spot thoughtfulness?

For some examples of outside-the-box questions that real CEOs swear by, here’s “9 CEOs Share Their Favorite Interview Question” from Business Insider. The CEOs in this feature were asked to give their go-to interview question or one that revealed the most about candidates.

Some of them opted for more traditional, accomplishments-based questions while others revealed their love for open ended or even crazy questions about what a candidate would do in the case of a zombie apocalypse.

Whatever model you subscribe to, reading these real life examples of what CEOs use to build their companies is some good food for thought.


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