Figuring Out Which Metrics Are Meaningless


When it comes to gauging the level of engagement that your company’s online presence is getting with its fans and followers, there are a lot of metrics out there that really aren’t as telling as you might think.

While it’s certainly good if your website receives an increase in views over a month, judging the success of your content and online presence based on shallow metrics like these can leave you with an over-inflated version of your actual user engagement.

According to Forbes’s John Hall, figures like the number of comments a certain post receives or the number of page views that a certain page gets are known as “vanity metrics.” What this means is that they look good on paper, but don’t really deliver the whole truth of your online readership.

If you want to get an idea of how your online presence is actually performing by checking out your comments, look at the thoughtfulness of the comments left instead of only considering volume to be your primary objective.

By taking this more subjective evaluation, you can see how people who engage with your content are feeling and reacting toward it. The article also suggests that the time that visitors spent on your content is far more telling of an engaged audience than the number of visitor. So give yourself a pat on the back if you like, just keep in mind that a spike in likes doesn’t make for your head growing too big for your shoulders.


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