Forming Connections That Matter on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is one of the most important social networking tools to emerge for businesses in the past few years. I’m sure that all of you (our readers) are familiar with the platform, especially because of the ways in which Accolo uses the site to find good candidates.

Networking is clearly the strength of sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, but how then should one approach promoting their brand and company in this context? Today’s article from Australia’s Corporate Zest discusses the ways in which to promote your company’s interests to other LinkedIn users.

Basically, the key is the cultivation of strong business to business relationships and business to bloggers/press through good old fashioned salesmanship. Think of it like the world’s largest cocktail party, the key is getting noticed and remembered, to build relationships with other users that will ultimately translate into real business relationships. Thus, being a spammy on these sites will get just as far as talking some poor stranger’s head off about your product and team.

As this article says, the key is lasting relationships and the best tool for the job is LinkedIn. To see the 5 ways to best utilize your social network platforms, click the link below.

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