Give Introverts A Chance At Sales


If I asked you to give me some of the attributes that make for a successful sales person, you’d probably say that they’d need good at communicating, that they’d need to be confident and that they’d definitely need to have good people skills. This is the typical construction that many of us have concerning sales people, often due to having met many sales people like this.

What might surprise you is that more reserved, less people oriented people can do just as well in most areas of sales, if not better in others.

According to an article from The Worldwide Express Blog, introverted individuals (those people who tend to be more at home at home than in loud social situations) can make for excellent entry level sales employees as they are generally better listeners than extroverts.

Extroverts, on the other hand, are much better suited for sales pitches and engaging larger clients in a more personalized setting. The article says that the best sales people are a hybrid of the two extremes, but this is pretty much the case with everything.

The bottom line here is to not write off the quiet ones as automatically being unsuited for a sales position as their listening skills and attention to detail can make up for their reserved personalities.


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