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Good News for Hiring: 163,000 Jobs Added in July

Monday, August 06, 2012 3:48 pm - by Everest
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According to the Unites States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 163,000 jobs were added to the private sector in July. Though this undoubtedly good news, the sudden surge in hiring near the end of July was not enough to offset the unemployment rate significantly. We at Accolo want to stress that there are jobs out there and that the United States’s high rate of unemployment is due, in part, to a hiring problem, that is a failure of communication and networking between companies and prospective workers. Our company has set a goal of filling one million positions in 2013 and economic growth like that in this past month is a heartening sign for the completion of this goal. The link below is an article in the Wall Street Journal and details more specifically the state of hiring and the economy in general.

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