Hire for Education™


Glenwood’s Hire for Education™ Program

Hire great people for your company while supporting Glenwood Elementary through our Hire for Education™ Program!!

Everyone knows that receiving a great education is a critical foundation for any child. Similarly, building a great team of high performing employees is a key foundation for building a highly successful company.

We are pleased to combine the two in our Hire for EducationTM Program.

Accolo is committed to helping Glenwood through direct sponsorship when any Glenwood community member uses Accolo, the #1 On-Demand Recruitment Process Outsourcer, for their company’s hiring needs. Whether the participant uses Accolo’s hiring performance platform and on-demand hiring consultant resources to support a single job or throughout an entire organization, Glenwood benefits.

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Make a difference in three easy steps:

  1. For each open position, determine and select the level of support you need (Accolo Enterprise or PlatformPlus);
  2. Add the ‘job(s)’ to your checkout cart; and
  3. Enter Glenwood’s discount code “Glenwood” during the checkout process and complete the checkout process.

(There is no further obligation by you or your company.)
Our customers are introduced to the candidate they ultimately hire in less than 8 days on average! It will take less than 5 minutes to set up your account, and an Accolo certified recruiter will contact you within 24 hours to profile your open position and get the opportunity launched.

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John Younger
President & CEO
Accolo, Inc.


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