Hiring Hot Shots: How Paying Big Salaries Can Pay for Itself


When it comes to your employees, you want to be sure that you’re always hiring the best and the brightest that you can find. By holding out during your recruitment process for a little bit longer to find them and springing for their larger than average salary requirements, you’re making an investment that will help to both grow your business and the drive of your current staff.

If you think that you can’t afford to hire the best, Frank Addante would argue that you can’t afford not to. In his INC article “Hire the Best Candidate, the One You Can’t Afford,” Frank says that the people who comprise your business enterprise are the most important aspect of your business to invest in.

He argues that by hiring one exceptional person instead of several average or above average people, you will both increase your team’s productivity and attract more highly talented people for the future growth of your business. The productivity boost will come from your team learning from and trying to keep up with your new A player and the talent influx will come simply because highly talented people like to work with other highly talented people.

This is all well and good, but make sure that you don’t get blinded by a candidate’s shiny credentials. Just like with all the other candidates that you’re evaluating, it’s important to know that you’re investing in someone who’s going to stick around for more than 9 months. You can do this the good old fashioned way: by investigating their employment history for serial job hopping and checking with their references.

If you end up putting all of your eggs in some hot shot’s basket, you want to know that they won’t leave you holding the omelette a few months down the line.


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