Holding Out For Perfect Hires


Settling for less than you want is never the right course of action. Unless you’re settling for less debt, conventional business wisdom says to stick to your guns and hold out for a better deal. While this can make your company strong, the flip side of resilience is stubbornness, which doesn’t help anybody.

Sure, we’d all like the highest quality in the people we hire, but is it really feasible for your company to attract perfect, superstar candidates? Are they even necessary to seek in the first place?

According to Kieth Halperin at ERE.net, the key for a successful hiring model is to hire for the tasks you need accomplished, not for some unrealistic standard. By understanding your company’s employment brand and public image in a pragmatic way, you can see what level of candidates you are going to be able to find and retain. Holding out for dream talent can waste time and money, so don’t get caught up in the search. Instead, think about who you need to get the job done. To read the article on Robust Recruiting Models from ERE.net, click the link below.

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