How Big Data Predicts Job Performance


In 2013, data is king. The usefulness of analytics in hiring models has been vetted and is here to stay. But with this expansion of the role of Big Data in hiring comes a necessary focusing or narrowing in on what is useful and what has become antiquated. Further, it is necessary when implementing the data analysis process to be smart about what your sources are.

Free, unstructured data from casual social media, such as Facebook, may not be as reliable a predictor of job success as other, more formal sources such as LinkedIn or virtual accreditation sites like Klout. An article by Dr. Charles Handler discusses the ways in which data is influencing both the hiring process and the attention and accuracy of job performance figures.

One of the findings that Dr. Handler discusses is that people that give a high volume of referrals tend to have higher success levels than those who receive a high number of referrals. To read all of Dr. Handler’s findings, click the link below.

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