How to Evaluate Big Talkers in the Workplace


Most people are drawn to glamorous, promising prospective candidates before those that are understated or even hidden. This is because, of course, confidence inspires confidence. If an employee is articulate and animated in their presentation or in a team meeting, you would probably think that he or she is a “go-getter” and expect them to deliver on their promise of success.

Well, according to a new article from Brad Tuttle in Time, these bright and shiny extroverts often receive the short end of the stick when it comes down to the results of their work.

According to a study in the article, the larger than life effect that an extrovert can have on his/her co-workers and managers will generally lead to inflated expectations of that employee and ultimately to under-appreciation if they fail to live up to what they projected. The same study suggested that introverts, long thought to be dead weight in team-oriented environments, will actually work harder to make up for their inter-personal misgivings.

The take away from this is to not judge a book by its cover.

When evaluating employees, judge them by the work that they’re producing and try to stay objective (as always). Be careful of becoming blinded by who you think could be a rising star at the company. Over-valuing can only lead to disappointment on your end and frustration on the part of the vocal employee. To read the Times article, click the link below.

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