How to Get an Innovator on Staff


Hiring for innovation isn’t like hiring for C++ knowledge or a pleasant voice for the front desk. It’s a more elusive quality, harder to quantify and thus harder to identify. To make real progress with your product or the way your company does business, you want somebody who not only has the vision but also the experience to help you take that next step forward.

Tracking down and hiring someone who does this kind of thing for a living can be as complicated as the task of innovation itself. These professionals usually come at a steep price, and it will generally be you and your company that will have to do the footwork if you’re serious about attracting an innovator.

Today’s source article from ERE.net breaks down the process of getting an innovator on your staff: hook, line and sinker. The key is bold, decisive action. Everything from the way you contact these professionals to the people in the room during the interview (if you can get that far) will have to be tailor-fit to the specific candidate. If you’re trying to land an innovator, be prepared to free up some time, money and resources to let them know how serious you are about making progress. To get the full breakdown on the process of hiring a successful innovator, click the link below.

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