How To Keep Your Cool With Charismatic Candidates


Appearances can be deceiving. One of the most common situations in which this phrase carries weight is on interview day. We’ve all been there: short staffed, vulnerable, looking for that certain someone who just “gets” what the position is all about. And then, as if it were destiny, in walks that engaged, charismatic guy or gal that seems to just slide through the interview like a fish in a river.

Well, the reason that this Mr/Ms Perfect might be acing the interview is because you’re letting them. No matter how badly you need an extra set of hands around, it’s always much better to hire with the head than the heart. Nothing is worse than having to eat your glowing praise of your new hire 6 months down the line when they turn out to be nothing more than a shirker with a sparkle in their eye.

Using your gut reaction to a candidate can be very useful in determining their fit for your team, but this feeling shouldn’t supersede warning signs like a quick temper or a sporadic work history.

According to an article from ERE.net, there are a few things you can do to avoid relying too heavily on instinct for finding the right employee. The first thing you can do is self evaluation. Do you really know that much about hiring or have you just been thrust into the position? If you feel a little lost, seek advice and pay attention.

Hiring is an art and a science and not everybody is a born natural. If you feel at the mercy of charming candidates, set up multiple interviews to get some other, less misty-eyed opinions on the candidates. In closing, using your gut can be useful, but we all get indigestion sometimes.


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