How to Spot Bad Habits in Employees Early


Do you believe in love at first sight? How about first impressions? As a manager, do you think that you can tell who is going to work out in your office and who won’t within a few minutes of meeting them? How about after the first week? While some obvious warning signs may include constant profanity or an aggressive disposition; some can appear benign at first and then blossom into a chronic problem.

Today’s source article from CEO.com discusses the early warning signs of work habits that lead to the employee in question getting very little done at all. For instance, an employee that is late or absent within the first week is likely to be late again, and again. In fact, 35% of employees who were late in their first week violated attendance standards in the future.

This doesn’t mean you should fire someone for being late on their first time, but do keep an eye on them. To find out about the other 4 early warning signs of a bad employee, click the link below.

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