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How to Turn Your Company Into a Hiring Machine

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learn staffing strategies in a tight economy

Need to find the best talent? Need help prioritizing your “hiring intelligence”? Or want to re-spark your employees’ work ethics? John Younger, President and CEO of Accolo, the innovator of Cloud Recruiting, addressed the Marin Business Forum for its quarterly networking event touching on these topics. Mr. Younger explained how to “Turn Your Company into a Hiring Machine” – the highlight of the event on staffing strategies in a tight economy.


For more than 23 years, John’s experience and passion has been to dramatically improve how companies find quality employees, and drawn from his deep understanding of technology, the recruitment process and a core belief that everyone deserves courtesy and respect. He addressed effective strategies that work for small businesses with limited staffing and human resources capabilities, and how SMBs can identify and hire the perfect candidate to meet their needs.


Start Recruiting at a Hire Level

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