How Training Can Make Good Employees Great


People are always changing. Whether it’s as shallow as their dress sense or as deep as their purpose in life, if you know somebody for long enough, you’re bound to see something unexpected to come to the surface. These changes might come from external pressures or they can just seem to spring from nowhere.

If you’ve hired or facilitated in the hiring of a good many people at your company, then you know that you can’t really predict where they are going to end up. Sure, some of the hires that you thought were going to be a success might have climbed right up the ladder, but just think about all of the successes that you didn’t see coming. Even though they might have appeared to be “qualified but nothing special” when they were first starting, they made a name for themselves at your company in the end.

The point is that, you can’t always tell who’s going to wash out and who’s going to be a success on day 1. By providing your employees with the resources to learn and grown as they work, you’re investing in their potential for greatness.

Now, there has been a lot of resistance to training programs in the past few years. There is a school of though that employers should seek to only hire people who require no additional training to get started at a job. While this preference for hiring the best possible employees makes sense from both a practical and a fiscal standpoint, an aversion to training can be a slippery slope.

By rejecting the value of training programs, you may create a cloistered culture where all of the knowledge that these ready-to-go professionals possess, remains locked up in their respective brains.

While it’s up to you whether to hire an employee who will need additional training to get into the swing of things, investing in the continuing professional development of your employees is important for the long-term success of both your staff and your company. Training can give you employees that are on the cutting edge.

By giving them the resources to attend industry seminars and continually hone their skills and develop new ones, it’s like you’re hiring the top talent on the market, except you’ve already hired them.

If your employee training program has fallen behind or you’ve been doing without it for a while, see what kind of response a Photoshop tutorial or management training seminar gets in your office.

Re-introduce work as a place for your employees to grow professionally.

Not only will providing enrichment resources to your employees give you a high performing staff, but it will also increase retention as well. Workers that have the chance to improve their skill sets at your company will be much more likely to view their job at your company as a career with a long, exciting future ahead.


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