Increasing Numbers of Employees Who Search for “Better” Positions While Employed


Job security is something that comes more and more rarely in today’s economy. Workers fear being laid off or else come to look at every position as strictly temporary. Perhaps in response to this volatility, along with salary complaints and interpersonal problems, more and more workers are actively looking for more lucrative positions while already gainfully employed.

In a slide show article on the subject from Salary.com, a survey of 1,300 people found that 77% of them were planning on searching for a more ideal job in 2013. It is important here to note that while 69% of the surveyed employees said that they were unhappy at their current position, 17% of those on the hunt for a better job described themselves as happy with their current employer.

The survey shows low pay to be the largest factor in the job hunter’s rationale in their continued searching, followed by things related to office culture such as a bad boss or good old-fashioned feeling unappreciated. What’s clear is that the expectations that employees have for their employers are changing. To read about which age group is most likely to keep searching for new options and get the scoop on this hiring trend, click the link below.

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