Is There a Talent Shortage or a Hiring Deficit?


One of the many peculiar paradoxes involved in the way that humans function is that, generally, a person presented with fewer options is more able to choose one and be satisfied than a person with a whole range of possibilities for selection.

Red tie or blue?

Enchilada or taco?

A brusque secretary with 10 years of experience or one with a sunny disposition and only 3 years on the job?

In a recent opinion piece from ere.net, this classic chooser’s dilemma is examined in the hiring world, specifically the so called “talent vacuum” that employers across the country are lamenting. According to the source article, as much as 49% of employers in the US complained about being unable to find properly qualified candidates for open positions in their company.

With millions of professionals remaining unemployed in the US, a 49% dissatisfaction rate may have more to do with hiring practices than candidate ineptitude. If a staffing department can review 25,000 applicants for a standard engineering position and not make a hire (true story), it is clearly a case of indecision brought on by the abundance of applicants. To read the full article and get some more insight into this phenomenon, click the link below.

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