Is Your Recruiting Style Pushing Prospects Away?


Do you ever wonder why you missed out on a recruiting prospect? Was it your hair, your halitosis? No, it was a phone interview so that’s impossible, and besides, your hair is probably great. If you have consistent difficulties with closing with prospects or if they all have a nasty habit of getting cold feet the week before you present them, the problem might not just be flighty candidates.

If you’re having these problems, the most constructive thing that you can do is to take a good look at your pitch and your conversational tactics with potential hires.

According to “Recruiters: 3 Reasons that Your Prospect is Just Not That Into You,” the main behaviors to become aware of in yourself are those that prevent you from connecting with a candidate during the interview. This usually means that you’re either talking too much about the requirements of the position, the reasons why a prospect would have to be a moron to pass this up or just plain talking too much.

Creating a connection is just as much about listening to their side of the story as it is about telling yours. The article suggests timing yourself the next time you’re on a call. If you’re going on for 2 or 3 minutes at a time, every time, stop it! At a certain point, the more effort you put in to pushing a job on a prospect, the more precisely you are taking aim to shoot yourself in the foot.


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