Job Seeker Preferences Rule Job Board Success


General job boards have seen better days. Sites that still boast name recognition are slipping behind as more specialized job boards and professional social networks like LinkedIn lead the way.

Take Monster for instance. Though it is still a household name, the company’s stock has dipped to below five dollars per share. Jakub Zavrel, founder of a recruiting software development company, says that general job boards are…well…too general. The proliferation of more specialized and niche job boards is in response, he says, to the fact that job seekers don’t have the time or the patience to sift through search results for hours.

Job seekers want prospects as quickly as possible, and boards dedicated to specific industries or regions are just the ticket. Job aggregators are also becoming much more popular for their “one stop shop” approach to job listings. As I said, job seekers prefer not to waste time checking on multiple sites when agregators can do the work for them. To read about how social networks are affecting traditional job boards, click the link below.

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