Job Seekers Swayed by Employee Testimonials


More and more, job seekers are being effected by the employment brands of the companies that they apply to. Whether they find out about how it is to work for you from an industry forum or straight from one of your employees through a social network, candidates are factoring employment branding into their decision making.

Don’t just take our work for it. According to an article by Hay Group’s David Smith, online reviews carry a good deal of weight with people in the US. In a survey of over 1000, it was determined that 90 percent of them were influenced by a positive review and 86 percent by a negative review.

This is huge. If your particular employment brand happens to be “my way or the highway”, chances are that this is what your employees are telling their former colleagues and online groups. Transparency is the result of the information age: making a positive work environment one of your top priorities for attracting new talent.

The best way to use the weight that reviews have come to bare is to expand on your employee referral program. If your employees like the way that your company does things, make sure that they’re shouting it from the rooftops (so to speak). If your employees are generating positive buzz on LinkedIn or Facebook, chances are that their former colleagues and contacts will be interested in leaning more about you or even sending you a resume.

The take away: there are no secrets any more. In order to attract talent, you must create a positive work environment and see that it gets a lot of exposure from your current employees.


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