Jump in Retail Points to Accelerated Economic Growth


Retail sales jumped up several percentage points in September, a figure that (initially at least) points to increased economic growth. This combined with the falling unemployment rate, 7.8 percent in September, suggests a potential increase in the rate at which the U.S. is climbing out of the Great Recession.

What complicates the growth is an increase in prices of retail items in the past month. As you’ve all probably noticed, food prices have risen due to drought in the U.S. and gas prices have shot up yet again because of… well, because of a slew of reasons from global recession to hurricanes. This inflation of prices has also inflated the otherwise sunny retail growth statistic, but as with all things, one should always look to the silver lining.

When it comes down to it, growth is growth, no matter how small. To read the full article from Reuters, click the link below.

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