Lead Through Authenticity


For leadership, it’s better to trust your own experience over any sort of advice you get on the subject (except for that bit of advice there, that was pretty good). Leading effectively is all about finding what works for you in particular. It’s about finding the way in which you feel most comfortable communicating to your team and your colleagues. It’s about learning for yourself the toll that too much leniency or too much severity will take on your relationships with your employees.

Leading is all about working with others to achieve what none of you would have managed on your own. What separates the great leaders from the middle-men is that great leaders are able to inspire and motivate others through being their authentic selves.

False confidence is pretty easy to spot.

Whether it’s a flashy car or a nervous laugh, it’s usually apparent who’s trying to compensate for something. While you might think exhibiting a classic, jovial confidence might help you to lead your team, the confidence displayed by authentic actions and interactions is much more effective. Don’t play into the myths of management, communicate and delegate how you normally would instead of wearing a mask.

Confident people don’t think “How would a confident person act right now?” they just do what they think is right because that’s what confidence is.

For some more on authentic leadership, here’s an article from the Harvard Business Review on a massive study done on the profile of successful leaders. After interviewing 125 leaders from all sorts of economic, ethnic and industry backgrounds, it was determined that there is no set blueprint for successful leadership.

The surveyors found that these leaders drew their management style from their own personal experiences, the events throughout their personal and professional lives that cemented them into the inspiring individuals that they are. It’s not important what approach you take to leading your team, as long as it’s your approach and not someone else’s.


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