Managing Employee Turnover


Employee turnover is unavoidable. In some industries such as retail and food service, high turnover rates (80-100%) are accepted as the proverbial “rules of the road”, immutable conditions of the business landscape. In other industries, turnover is much more costly and, ostensibly, easier to control. But what do you do if, despite your best efforts, employees continue to walk out the door a few months or a few years after they join your company?

There are a few main reasons that employees choose to leave a company. The most common is that the employee has some sort of conflict with their manager. According to an article from ERE.net, “8 Questions You Need to Ask to Turn Around  Employee Turnover”, it is important to discover what sort of conflict the outbound employee had with the manager before they walk out the door.

If it was merely a personal problem, opposing temperaments for example, it need not necessarily reflect badly on the manager. If, however, the employee or several employees complain of poor management skills, this should be a red flag. Making sure that your managers are adequately trained to lead a team is imperative in ensuring that the people you invest in stick around and put in the time. If you are having high turnover in a particular department or under a particular supervisor, take a good look to see if poor management is spinning the revolving door at your company.


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