Managing Your Team Like Apple and Google


What are the priorities of a manager? If your first answer is “management”, then you might want to think this through a little more. Managing employees is a lot more than making sure nobody is playing Facebook games or similarly getting away with murder; first and foremost, it’s about creating a work environment that allows everyone on your team to put their best foot forward and feel comfortable doing it. This is especially true for managers in charge of collaborative or creative teams, wherein, communication and cooperation are key.

Perhaps the best way to look at talent management is to examine the way that “the best companies to work for” do things. Dr. John Sullivan, long time recruiting expert in the Silicon Valley, studied the work environments that companies like Google, Facebook and Apple provide to their employees as well as the priorities that they assign them to come up with “The 6 Talent Management Lessons from the Silicon Valley”. Perhaps the biggest difference in their management style  versus the traditional way of doing things is their prioritization of innovation over straight productivity. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s always improvements that can be made. Take a lesson from the heavy hitters like Google and make space for innovation and discussion about the way you do things. When you give your employees the space to innovate, even if it’s just getting rid of inefficient protocols, you make their job more engaging and the company more competitive.


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