New Technology Can Tell If You’re Actually Watching Training Videos


One of the greatest characteristics that humans possess is their ability to appear to be listening raptly while, in fact, mentally rearranging their fantasy football lineup or sneaking in micro breaks on social networks. No matter how boring the presentation, no matter how pointless the orientation video, there’s the option to let the ol’ eyes glaze over and wait for a better half hour. Unfortunately, one of the other great characteristics of human beings is innovation — for example, the recent innovation of eye-tracking technology that makes sure you are actually watching or reading your company’s orientation material.

You won’t receive an electric shock for checking Facebook, but the facial recognition software will pause the program that your’re “watching” should your eye movements not match the pattern of an engaged viewer. The developers claim that the software’s primary aim is to determine what most loses people’s attention and report which content isn’t cutting it in terms of engagement. We could soon be living in a world in which simply appearing to go through the motions will no longer be enough. To read the source article from Bloomberg Business Week, follow the link below.

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