Out of Work Professionals Utilize Mass Community Networking


What if I told you that qualified, experienced candidates from around the country were forming intricate professional networks for the explicit purpose of getting noticed and tracking down job leads? That’s right, one of the largest demographics of long-term-unemployed workers (ages 55 and older) is also one of the most active groups of unemployed people.

Frustrated by months of coming out empty handed, these dogged people decided to pool their collective resources in hopes of achieving together what they failed to achieve on their own. From a recruiting standpoint, the organic emergence of these networks in the over 55 demographic that has over 4.7 million unemployed is a major windfall.

Not only are they out there, looking but also organizing themselves as to be more readily reached and re-introduced into the workforce. Through a growing movement of community professional networking, these out-of-work professionals are finally getting a foothold in this economy. To learn more about specific professional networks that could be a gold mine of qualified candidates, click the link below.

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